About Us

About Us

Excellence in meat.

We are a Spanish Meat Company founded by experts in the meat industry which can supply to its clients a large assortment of Meat products. We deliver in all Europe fresh and frozen Meat: Pork, Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Sheep, and Rabbit.

Our success story started simple, from the desire to be recognized at a national and international level. We want to be known by our clients due to the importance we put on professionalism, respect and customer loyalty. We know that the most important things are quality and food safety, that’s why we focus on offering tailor-made high quality meat products and personal service to all our clients.

Our company is a privately owned one and is not committed to any specific chain. This it gives us a total flexibility and freedom to serve our clients in the most efficient way.

Value for money

Why choose us?

  • Extensive range of products.
  • Exceptional industry knowledge.
  • Outstanding values.
  • Reliable supply network.
  • Excellence in services.
  • Quality assurance.

Our prices are competitive. Contact us and see for yourself !